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The Last Days of Great Yankee

Jorge Posada is playing his last year with the New York Yankees. When he is finished, he will rank right among the very best Yankee catchers. Compare his career stats to those of Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey. Posada: .273 avg 1598 hits 267 hrs and 1035 rbis. Berra: .285 avg 358 hrs and 1430 rbis. Dickey: .313 avg 1969 hits 202 hrs and 1209 rbis. Posada’s numbers are right up there with anyone who ever crouched behind the plate for the Yankees. While no one can compare to Yogi Berra’s 10 World Series rings, Posada does have five. I have always said that Posada will never fully be appreciated by Yankee fans until his career is looked back on with many great memories. As it is in life, all good things must come to an end, and for Jorge Posada that day is coming sooner rather than later. However, this in no way whatsoever diminishes the accomplishments of a great career. Thanks for everything, Jorge, you will be missed.