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What’s Gone Wrong?! The Time Bomb was Ticking March 29th

I’m sorry; but when the articles started to appear by Sherman and King about how Posada was accepting his new role I just about wanted to wretch. You’ve got to be kidding! This is a Yankee that has driven himself and his game through competitive motivation – he has used anger, past experience and game situations that irked him to keep his game; his attitude and his drive on edge. Very much in control; Jorge has a lot of pride in managing the pitchers and the ebb and flow of the game behind the plate. When Jorge is at his best; there will be issues in the clubhouse. Just ask AJ or any of the dismissed starters over the last three years about what it is like when Jorge is locked in and you are disagreeing with him. I’ll tell you this; it wasn’t as if Jorge was going to go out and have a few drinks with you to square things away. It is more like “I’ve been running this show for 12 years and if you have a problem with it go see the big guy.”

My point is this – Jorge Posada was NEVER going to accept a back seat to anyone. The facade was there but watching him play first in camp a few months ago convinced me then that the best thing to do was make him a player coach. He was about as comfortable as Mickey Mantle was in his last few months of playing when the Yankees were letting Mickey dictate his final and unfortunate resignation at his relatively young age. Let’s face it; Jorge is no Mickey but he sure was one hell of a catcher in his prime. I loved his grit; his determination and yes his “ticked off” approach to the game reminiscent of Thurman Munson. No doubt; Jorge tore the page right out of Thurman’s book…..and I’m sure glad he did.

Not only that event is permeating in the Yankee dug out. If you go back to the pre-release notes on Jeter’s book about a month ago; you will see the nose dive by ARod almost coinciding to the day this new “information” about Jeter’s angst with ARod came up. ARod is a very sensitive man; and to really understand him he plays like he always has something to prove. His sensitivity has been the real issue behind his problems with the media, the brass and his teammates as well. It really broke my heart when that news broke; and I knew ARod was going to have to deal with old wounds that never really healed but went away quickly riding in the Canyon of Hero’s Parade in 2009.

ARod has also endorsed the return of Melky. Is that because he feels he’d be a better player than the current left field subs or is it because he feels that he can bring back the team and the clubhouse camaraderie with this move?

And lastly; how can anyone believe in a GM that is not feeling the real pulse on this team. You were just swept by the Boston Red Sox AT HOME! I saw this coming a mile away – like a run away freight train that no one was addressing before this series started. Mental mistakes happen when your head is solidly plugged between the two bulbous masses that you use to sit on. The guys going through this are making errors on plays that they normally make in their sleep. They are not fallen hero’s; they are crashing ego’s! Joe Girardi now has to play it like Joe Torre; roll the couch into his office and start the process of feeling his players temperature to get their heads back in the game. This series was ugly folks; and the only thing they did right was finally push 5 runs in the last game only to have their lone lefty in the pen start the winning rally for Beantown. What does it take for the GM to start taking an active role in reshaping this team; its youth, it’s attitude and the lack of real balance on that pitching staff?

Heads need to roll and change needs to come.

There is only one question left – Has Hal had enough?

Mike Antoniotti
Staff Writer