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Who’s Going to give the Yanks the most trouble?

With all teams except for the Yanks hovering around the .500 mark, who will surpass the group to be a solid contender to the Yanks? Anybody think the O’s can be in the picture?
Even though they have a young rotation, they might have some diamonds in the rough as the dust starts to settle. Rookie Zach Britton is a 5 game winner with an ERA just above 2.5 and their late game staff is looking to fall into place w/ Koji/Gregg. Despite some of the big dogs slumping at the plate, there are some bats worth mentioning. Vlads coming off a .300 season w/ the Rangers, Reynolds’ is a perennial 30+ HR hitter, Markakis/Jones/Wieters are looking to break out this year, and Roberts might stay healthy.
It’s sort of refreshing to see some variety in competition in the AL East, besides Sox/Rays.