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Yankee Stadium: Good Ball, Good Times, Good Eats

Yankee Stadium and ballpark weiners: Ahhhh, go together like a hot summer day and frozen margaritas. But what about those baseball fans that are dieting, vegetarians, or like to enjoy more exotic foods while taking in a good Yankee game? Yankee Stadium is actually home to one of the widest ranges of food choices served in all of professional sport venues. The versatile array of offered meal choices leaves fans believing they are at some big food festival rather than the concession concourse of a ballpark.

The park still carries food from traditional favorite companies: Carl’s Steaks, Carvel Ice Cream (famous for the helmet ice cream cups), Famous Famiglia Pizza, Hebrew National, Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, Premio Sausage, Otis Spunkmeyer, and more. All of whom, along with vendors, serve traditional ballpark food like: hotdogs (as large as a foot long), hamburgers, pizza, cheese fries, pretzels, cracker jacks, cotton candy, and peanuts.

Now on to the good stuff, the more delicacy foods that the stadium has to offer: fresh sushi bar and salads from the Soy Kitchen, Asian dishes such as: General Tsos chicken, eggrolls, dumplings and many different kinds of noodle bowls, hot-pressed Cuban sandwiches, nachos, and burritos at the “Latin Corner”,  sausage & peppers on a roll, fried dough, steak sandwiches (& Philly Cheese Steak of course), garlic fries, a bucket full of fried chicken, Boar’s Head made-to-order deli sandwiches, zeppoles (fried wads of sugar dough @ 500 calories per ball), Mike’s Deli cold cuts and eggplant parmigiana, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ’s specialty deep fried pickles and pulled pork sandwiches, hush puppies, the “Big Apple Stand” full candy bar with candy, caramel and chocolate dipped apples (basically a nightmare for parents with kids), AND even Melissa’s Farmer’s Market Cart with fresh produce! And the list goes on and on…

All of this on top of the stadium’s own: Hard Rock Cafe and NYY Steak sit-down restaurants (both located just outside Gate 4), Johnny Rocket’s concession (famous famous for their “burgers, shakes & fries”) and Moe’s Southwest Grill (not to mention the McDonald’s that is conveniently right outside of the stadium). There is even a live butcher on-site from Lobel’s of NY who cuts meat live at the Lobel’s window at the stadium (pictured left) which provides prime, dry-aged steaks for sandwiches served just outside the butcher window at the Lobel’s cart.

Now to the party…the alcohol! This is a story in itself but I’ll touch on it. We all know all the angst around the steep prices of booze at the ballpark but where are the good places to get a “girly drink”? Mohegan Sun sports bar requires a special membership for entrance and is located above dead CF “batter’s eye” black region. My two favorite “hidden secrets” of the stadium would be: Tommy Bahamas and the cocktail bar at the food court that serve huge margaritas. Tommy Bahamas is a full-service cocktail bar that can be found just up the escalator from Gate 4.

The Yankee Stadium full food court (like at the mall) lies on the lower main level on the third baseline. At the back left-hand corner of the court is the cocktail concession area. There are four huge “ICEE”-like jugs of frozen goodness whose handles are just begging to be pulled and poured into the foot-high, long skinny souvenir cups with straws. There are four different alcoholic flavors: Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada, and Strawberry Daiquiri. Here’s the kicker- you can get a mix of the flavors in any combination (last time I tried all four together- YUM). They are pretty pricy at $15 each but seem to be the perfect choice on a hot summer day at the park. This is the only place at the park to get these massive margaritas.

And it’s certainly an upgrade from just beer, that cost anywhere from $6-$14 at the stadium anyway. However, there is a nice array of beers on tap with stands of “Beers of the World” imports and your areas to purchase normal domestic ones are heavily sprinkled throughout every level of the stadium. It’s fair to say, Yankee fans alike, love their food and drink, as much as they love their World Championships.