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The Yankees have already won the London Series

You see this? That is a team that thinks they’re on a Carnival Cruise just getting ready to play shuffleboard. That isn’t a team that is ready to try and keep their season alive on a world stage. If you’re 10 games out of first place in the loss column, maybe spend some time watching game tape instead of getting fat on all that food. Probably serving chicken and beer as they cross the Atlantic.

I mean a half a mil to fly a 3rd place team across the Atlantic?

It’s a tough look when the children of Boston are starving.

On the other side, the Yankees are all business and full focused. I mean they are cramming the players and legends into what looks to be a greyhound bus because we’ll deal with luxury after the parade in November.

Plus, our guys ALL have matching jumpsuits.

While everyone on the Red Sox is just worried about themselves.

As a baseball fan, it’s hard to see a once proud organization like the Red Sox in shambles, but that clubhouse is ready to collapse on itself after the Yankees take these two games in jolly old England.

I’ll see you at the parade.

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PPS: I know the easy joke was that the Titanic sank but that was too easy for me/I didn’t want to deal with people getting butt hurt on Twitter all night.