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This 2-year-old has an open invite to join Bronx Pinstripes

This video is making the rounds of not just Yankees Twitter, but the whole internet. Two-year-old Jax is just flying through these cards, and apparently knows EVERY SINGLE PLAYER on the Yankees, which is tough to do when you have 10,000 injuries in a season. Let’s be honest, he probably knows more about the team than a lot of the people who will be sitting up close during the playoffs.

For these reasons, I have decided to pull a Lane Kiffin and offer a 2-year-old a spot at Bronx Pinstripes when he becomes eligible.

Hell, let’s just make him a September call up. He takes daddy hacks.

PS: Shoutout to the dad for calling out that he likes Tanaka because they’re both asian, and not making us all wonder if we’re bad people for thinking it on our own.