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Yankees-Red Sox Preview with Chad Jennings of The Athletic

Today is a great day.

No, not because Drake released an album (good guess). It’s because tonight the New York Yankees host the Boston Red Sox. And more importantly, it’s because the best rivalry in sports is back and the two teams are arguably the best in baseball.

On the most recent episode of The Bronx Pinstripes Show, Scott Reinen and Andrew Rotondi hosted Chad Jennings of The Athletic in a conversation about that rivalry and the upcoming series between the squads. Jennings is the Red Sox beat writer for The Athletic, and he had a whole lot to say about this weekend and beyond.

Jennings used his expertise and went into great detail about the team we love to hate. Topics included Mookie Betts’s MVP-level season, David Price’s struggles on and off the mound, and the Hanley Ramirez drama.

But notably, Jennings gave his take on what will be the difference in the end between two of the best teams in baseball.

“To me, the biggest difference really… might be the ability to improve at the deadline. Obviously the Yankees farm system is better situated to make a significant addition if needed than the Red Sox are right now. That is one factor that I expect to play a significant role at some point this season.”

Jennings added that whether it be acquiring a starting pitcher or another bat, the Yankees are in good position to do so. Conversely, while the Red Sox are likely looking to add a right-handed hitter and/or bullpen depth, they may not have all the assets to do so.

Jennings had a lot more to say about the topic, making this segment a must-listen ahead of this weekend’s heavyweight bout with the Sox.