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YankeesChat Recap: April 10, 2017

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It was Opening Day in the Bronx on Monday as the Bombers took the Rays to task with an 8-1 victory. For us, YankeesChat was in gear as usual as we recapped the game, the news and what we can look forward to as the season continues.

For those who are still unfamiliar, YankeesChat is a weekly Twitter conversation hosted by yours truly from the Bronx Pinstripes account. It starts every Monday night at 9pm (unless otherwise noted). There, I will pose questions and concerns for all of you to respond to. We try to promote interaction between all, so we strongly encourage everyone to use the hashtag on your tweets to be seen. Those tweets that stand out will be featured on these weekly recaps as you will see in just a few moments.

As the season grows there will be more topics to cover and more debates to discuss, but for this home opener, we focused on the results as well as the tough injury news the team announced today. To see how last night’s chat went down, keep on reading.

Pineda’s Bid At Perfection

The Bronx Faithful was treated to a splendid outing from Pineda on Monday as the hurler took perfection into the 7th inning before surrendering a double to Evan Longoria. Retiring the first 20 batters in the game and finishing with 11 strikeouts and no walks, is this the Pineda of the future?

Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves by saying Pineda has definitely turned the corner, but his performance on Monday was a huge step in the right direction. If he can get first strikes on hitters (which he did 15 times in the first 18 batters he faced) he will be able to control the count and confuse opponents as he did Monday. Consistency is the key for Pineda; he is only as good as his next start.

Offense Clicking!

The Yankees offense busted the game open with five runs in the eighth inning, en route to scoring eight runs overall on the day. Chase Headley, Aaron Judge & Starlin Castro all hit homers to pace the Bombers’ offense. With one full week in the books, we looked to find who has been the most impressive thus far.

It’s a great sign that there can be so many names included on the list of “most impressive”. Other people threw out Jacoby Ellsbury & Brett Gardner and their aggressiveness on the bases, but the names that kept popping up in the chat were Ronald Torreyes, Chase Headley & Aaron Judge. With the season in such an infant stage, there are a lot of positives for the Yankees offense to focus on when thinking about growth and future potential throughout this season.

Sanchez’s Replacement?

It was reported today that Gary Sanchez will be out for a month with a bicep injury. Even with the Yankees offense coming into form, losing their centerpiece is a big loss. We took to the universe to see where the team should turn in their search for his replacement.

It looks as though mostly everyone thinks the in-house options of Austin Romine and Kyle Higashioka while Sanchez in on the shelf. There were no calls for looking for a veteran signal caller, which is a sign of how times have changed within the organization. Fans are fully on board with the youth movement and have embraced the idea of young, up-and-coming players making a name for themselves in the Majors, rather than sitting in the minors for a chance.

Home Sweet Home

Speaking of change, there have been numerous additions, renovations and upgrades to Yankee Stadium for 2017. Party decks, playgrounds and new food and drink options make the Stadium a must-see venue. Here’s a dose of what fans are looking forward to seeing when they visit the Bronx.

Heading to the Stadium means something different for everyone, whether it’s for the food, the people, the product on the field or the environment and excitement, it is a special occasion. If you have the chance to make it to the game this season, do it. Go and have a blast! Eat all you can eat. Drink responsibly. And cheer on the Bomber like you’ve never cheered before. We’re all fans trying to enjoy our favorite team as best we can. That is why YankeesChat exists- for all of us to talk about the happenings of our favorite team.

Be sure to join us every Monday night at 9pm and use the hashtag #YankeesChat so you can join the conversation. If there is any topic you’d like to see discussed on a chat, be sure to send me a message at @Jtmac21 and I’ll be sure to include it so you can see if your fellow fans agree with your take, or have any thoughts you may have overlooked. So until next Monday night at 9pm, go Yanks!