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YankeesChat Recap: April 3, 2017

Have you ever been watching a game and been so emotionally moved, whether it be happiness or pure anger, that you need to tweet about it? Where you just need to have your thoughts out in the open? Of course you have, you’re a Yankees fan! But what happens to those tweets? Those emotions? Those great ideas you had, but no one is there to respond or hear you? Well, I have the answer for you!

Join our YankeesChat on Monday nights at 9pm that I host on Twitter from the website’s Twitter account. We will be there talking about game action, future projections and predictions, as well as any big news that the Yankees make. It is your opportunity to have your voices heard, talk to other fans and have a better sense of community within such a massive fan base. The goal is to create a conversation with each other by sharing ideas on how the team could improve, or reactions to a game. It’s your resource for having bar talk, without having to leave your couch.

We’ve been doing these chats for the last few seasons, but now it’s time to rev up to full throttle and embrace the excitement that surrounds this young team (disregard Sunday’s opening result). All you have to do to join the conversation is follow @BronxPinstripes on Twitter, and use the hashtag #YankeesChat in all of your responses.

I must emphasize this as it is the easiest way for everyone to see your responses, especially if you want your tweets featured in this article! Most weeks, it will be a Q&A format where I will be posting questions for you to respond to. Other weeks we will have open forums or a reverse Q&A where you can ask me any questions that are on your mind about the team. All you have to do are the two steps above and you are part of the chat!

Each Tuesday, I will post a recap article on the site running down the best tweets/responses from the chat the night before. In order to have your tweets in the article, you have to use the #YankeesChat hashtag, no ifs, ands or buts. With that said, let’s take a look at the best of last night’s chat.

With only one game in the books in the 2017 season, last night’s chat was a version of “overreaction Monday” with a touch of reality. Here’s how the chat went:

Question 1: Tanaka got rocked

Tanaka got rocked in the opener on Monday to the tune of seven earned runs on eight hits in 2.2 innings. He managed to strike out three, but walk two others. After a dominant Spring Training, this Opening Day start left many fans confused, dejected and maybe a little soured on the entire season. I posed the question to see what our readers’ feelings were, here are some of the responses.

From the looks of the tweets on this topic, the results were based on whether you think Tanaka is an ace or not. Most people who believe he is an ace weren’t worried about him, at least not yet. This topic in general was a prime example of overreaction, but since there were tweets flying during the game about Tanaka not being reliable, it was nice to see cooler heads prevail.

Question 2: Let’s be positive

Jumping to the other side of the coin, we tried to find the positives of an ugly game. Happy to see that people were able to look past the score to see the bright spots that were there.

To the surprise of many, Chase Headley’s name was mentioned numerous times as the veteran third baseman registered three hits in four plate appearances and two runs scored. If Headley can play at the rate he played to end 2016, it would be a needed jolt to a young offense. Starlin Castro who also went 3-4 and a scored a run impressed, as well as seeing Aaron Judge smack a double and knock in a run.

Question 3: Finding the real Yankees

Remember, we said we were feeding into the overreaction? This question is dripping with it and the responses proved that we may be a bit more level-headed then you would think.

These responses are exactly the right mindset fans have to have with this team, especially just one game into the season. The team rolled through everyone in the spring, but as we’ve covered many times across this site and social media, the depth this franchise has is the best in the league. Remaining realistic is the only way we will get through this season, whether it is full of growing pains or great success. Never too high. Never too low. The team has a plan, let’s see it come to life.

Question 4: Yankee Killers

This was a fun question based off Evan Longoria’s homer in the opener. He was clearly a name that came up quite a bit for people now that David Ortiz has hung up the cleats. There were some other fun responses, but most of the names reside in the AL East, as to be expected. The answers to this question could be much different if we were looking for the NEXT Yankee Killer. There are several young talents in the division that we will see for years and years, and undoubtedly throw curses and ill-wishes towards in the years to come. But for now, here’s who you think are the top active players that kill the Yanks.

That’s what a weekly YankeesChat looks like, so if you’d like to join us, make sure you are following us on Twitter and use the #YankeesChat hashtag to have your tweets seen, and potentially featured in this article.

Thank you to all of those readers who have been participating in the chats already, interacting with all of you has been fun, and that’s the main reason we’re looking to grow this even more!

If you have any topics, thoughts or ideas you’d like to see as questions on future chats, please send them all to me at my personal Twitter page @Jtmac21 and I will definitely use the ones that I think can create great conversation.

Can’t wait to see more of you next Monday! Go Yanks!