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Clint Frazier’s concussion symptoms lingering

After his leaping catch in left field last Saturday against the Pirates in Bradenton, Clint Frazier was held out of action with what was initially reported to be a very mild concussion. Manager Aaron Boone felt optimistic about Frazier’s mild head injury and felt it would keep him out of action for only a few days.

However, as reported by Bryan Hoch, Yankees beat writer for MLB.com, Frazier’s concussion symptoms appear to be lingering longer than expected.

When speaking with Mike Mazzeo of NY Daily News, Frazier indicated that exposure to light is still very much a problem for him now, four days removed from banging into the left field wall. “I can’t even sit in my living room without feeling like s–t,” Frazier said to Mazzeo on Wednesday. “I just can’t shake the headaches. I have a goal to obtain, and it’s not fun watching it dwindle away whenever you’re on the shelf.”

With the 23-year-old primed to take every advantage of his second spring training stint with the Yankees in his quest to earn a spot on the Opening Day roster, the concussion comes with very unfortunate timing.

As Frazier stated to Mazzeo, he believes this is the first concussion he’s ever sustained, so he isn’t sure what a timetable would look like for symptoms to completely subside. “I’ve never had a concussion before, so I’m not really sure how this works, to be honest,” he said. “I’m just taking it slow. It’s nothing to mess around with.”

We will continue to provide updates on Frazier as they become available.


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