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Giancarlo Stanton arrives to Yankees camp early

Giancarlo Stanton is ready to begin his first season with the New York Yankees.

The slugger arrived to Yankees camp on Friday morning, two days prior to when position players are scheduled to report. The reigning National League Most Valuable player spent some time checking out the Steinbrenner Field clubhouse while speaking to some of his new teammates.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Stanton to field some questions from the media.

The 28-year-old answered a group of questions, ranging from his adjustment to his new team to the organization’s winning culture. Here are some of the main topics that Stanton covered:

  • Stanton stated that he flew from the west coast to Tampa on Thursday in anticipation of reporting to Spring Training early. The veteran outfielder said he wanted to get a jump start on adjusting to his new location and teammates.
  • When asked about being in the same lineup with Aaron Judge, Stanton said he is excited to learn from his new teammate. He noted that teams will likely pitch the sluggers similarly, and they will be able to use that to feed off each other and adjust together.
  • Stanton admitted that there is a curiosity of how many homers him and Judge can hit together. However, he emphasized that the main goal is to win, and that they will look to contribute to best help the team succeed.
  • Putting on a Yankees uniform didn’t feel odd to Stanton, but he said he is excited to join his new team. He spoke about the organization’s expectation of winning, and stated that he’s worked his entire life to experience this opportunity.

As Spring Training kicks off, expect to hear a lot more about Giancarlo Stanton over the next few weeks. With excitement roaring around Yankees camp, Stanton’s arrival to the Bronx will definitely be one of the major headlines this season.