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Bronx cheers: The players who let us down in October

Last week, we covered which Yankee players were great in the postseason. Today we’re going to do the opposite and look at who should have stayed home instead.

Once again, we will use win probability added (WPA), which looks at how much each play increases or decreases the team’s chance of winning.

#5. Edwin Encarnacion (-0.3)

Sadly the parrot was not walked often enough in October. After miraculously returning from a broken wrist and then a tweaked oblique, Edwin appeared to be all the way back during the ALDS. However, in the ALCS he was not the same player. In the ALCS, he hit .056/.227/.111. Many speculated EE was hurt, but Brian Cashman said he thought Edwin was healthy. Whether it was an ill-timed slump or injury, Encarnacion couldn’t get it done as the DH against Houston and was one of the biggest reasons the team couldn’t score enough runs. The Yankees did not pick up his option for 2020, and the parrot may be looking for a new home to walk in next year.

#4. Adam Ottavino (-0.3)

Otto was great all year, pitching out of jams. Yet in the postseason he struggled, possibly because of such a high workload during the year. By the end of it, he was out of the late inning death star and forced into mop-up duty. Boone tried to find lanes for each of his relievers, and Ottavino was often matched up against the opposing team’s best RH hitters. In the ALCS, he had a WHIP of 3.00, which will just never get it done.

#3. Brett Gardner (-0.3)

Not gonna lie, this one caught me by surprise. Yet when I think about it, I can’t remember any postseason moment for Gardy this year. After such an amazing season, he started the playoffs hitting in the 3-hole but was soon moved lower in the order. Still, sign me up for another year of the Gardy Party and as always, #LetBrettBang.

#2. Didi Gregorious (-0.4)

Didi is on this list more for opportunity than anything else. Outside of his amazing grand slam against Minnesota during the #BPCrew game, Sir Didi routinely came up in a big spot and did not get the big hit. It might be the end of Sir Didi’s time in pinstripes as he is a free agent and the Yankees have several infielders. If it is, may we always remember his Tweets, incredible smile, and complete domination of the Twins.

#1. Gary Sanchez (-0.5)

The Rominites were out in full force during the playoffs. And although they were wrong as always, Gary certainly didn’t make it easy on the rest of us. He hit .130/.167/.261 against Houston, and much of that came on a garbage time 2-run HR. I’ll still take Gary over every other catcher in baseball every day of the week.

Here’s to hoping the Yankees win it all next year and there’s no need for this type of blog.

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