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The Curse of Mr. Jones

Well, the Yankees have been struggling in the playoffs. This could be the biggest understatement I’ve ever put into writing but these playoffs tie into a bigger trend I’ve noticed in recent years. Since I’ve started following the Yankees, I can say there have been two time periods. The first being 1998-2001 beginning when I was 8 years old. This is when I began to become a baseball fan and the Yankees won nearly every year. Then there has been every year since.

One thing that upsets me more with every passing year is the hatred people have for a team that has only won one World Series championship in the past 10 years. I read an article that sums up exactly what these Yankees have become. These Yankees are the newest version of the 1995-2005 Atlanta Braves.  Here is a breakdown of the similarities of the two teams

  Atlanta Braves ’95-‘05 New York Yankees ’02-‘12
Playoff appearances



World Series Titles

1 (1995)

1 (2009)

World Series losses

2 (’96 &’99 both to Yankees)

1 (’03 Marlins)

LCS losses



LDS losses




I haven’t included this year’s numbers but those numbers really open your eyes to the greatness and mediocrity that has been the New York Yankees in the past 10 years.

For most teams, like the Atlanta Braves, this run would be seen as a great success. Most teams in the league would do nearly anything to have the regular season success that the Yankees have had over the years but we are talking about the Yankees where success is measured in rings. After dropping the first two games to the Tigers, at home no less, the Yanks are facing an uphill battle. However, with the talent on their current roster, there is no reason why the Yankees should count themselves out of this series.

If we don’t win the World Series this year I have only one explanation….THE CURSE OF ANDRUW JONES (and no one not named Ibanez can hit…I digress).




Here is the article I read that sparked this story.