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On this day in 1973 the Steinbrenner Era was born

On this day in 1973, George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees from CBS for $10 million. Well, he sort of bought the team, because he was part of an ownership group that didn’t even get his name in the headline.

At the time, it had been 11 years since the Yankees had won a World Series and it would take four years to change that, as the Yankees would win in 1977 and 1978. That team that was worth $10 million is now worth $4.6 billion. In 37-plus seasons as owner, Steinbrenner led the Yankees to seven World Series championships, 11 American League pennants and 16 AL East titles.

When you think of the Yankees, George is right there with Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter and every other legend that put on the pinstripes. We all expect to win the World Series every year because of George Steinbrenner, and that attitude started today, in 1973.

Hell, we named a podcast after him.

We haven’t won since the boss passed, but thanks to Hal showing signs of his father and opening up the checkbook for Gerrit Cole, we shouldn’t be waiting too much longer.

I’ll see you all at the parade…