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Two more soldiers down: Torres and Paxton sent for MRI’s

I don’t enjoy writing these at all. I know you don’t enjoy reading them, but I have some injury news:

Woof. Where to begin? Welp, this sucks. Two more key players lost to injury. Both players will get an MRI to see how bad the damage is. We are not sure how long or how bad it is just yet, but these are two more significant blows. James Paxton, even though he’s been trying to find it this year, is a very important piece of our rotation. Our rotation is so thin right now, it’s silly. Gerrit Cole and pray for rain for forever.

Gleyber Torres being hurt may be even worse. The New York Yankees were already very thin on offense. In the span of a week, the defense up the middle has gone from Torres/DJ LeMahieu to Tyler Wade/Thairo Estrada. Yuck. I’m sure those guys can fill in just fine, but as a famous man once said “It’s not what you want.” So, to sum up, today:

Yikes. Just Yikes.