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David Wells should beat up Curt Schilling

David Wells has been on a tear of quote tweeting responses to pretty much every tweet he gets. It’s incredibly annoying on my timeline, but he is on my Mount Rushmore of Yankees I love, so I can’t mute him. What if he was trying to reach me for some reason?

So someone asked which MLB player from Boomer’s generation was most disliked by other players, and Wells answered honestly. No one likes Curt Schilling. Not former players. Not me. Not you. Not his former teams. Not Hall Of Fame voters. Not Rhode Island. NO ONE.ย Schilling got word of it somehow and called Boomer out for not tagging him, AND called Wells a little bitch.

This is where I should write a witty reason for the two to fight, but I don’t have one. I just don’t like Schilling and want to see David Wells smack the ever living shit out of him. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

As a bonus here is Boomer on SNL.