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Did Derek Jeter get the Yankees sued for $34mil?

NJ – In a rambling, conspiracy-laced lawsuit, a failed prospect, who never played above High-A and had a career batting average of .244, sued the Yankees for $34 million and blamed Yankees legend Derek Jeter for derailing his career as a shortstop, presumably because the soon-to-be Hall of Famer was afraid of the competition.

It turns out one guy thought Jeter did, but the court system did not. If you have the time read the entire article, but essentially a mediocre, at best, minor league player sued the Yankees for derailing his career, in order to protect Jeter. THEN, they slandered his name so that other teams wouldn’t sign him, to prevent him from making it to the big leagues. It has nothing to do with his .244 batting average, lack of power or bad footwork.

Not only was Garrison Lassiter his own lawyer, but he has reached out to several Major League Baseball teams with this quote.

“I cannot get on the field due to the New York Yankees trying to control my career. I’m the only Baseball Player that will stand up to the New York Yankees.”

And even though he was released in 2012, he reached out to the Texas Rangers general manager in 2018 to let him know

“I’ll never play for the New York Yankees … a Team that doesn’t understand the importance of giving respect to the Players that help the Organization win. These are the facts big dawg.”

I have never agreed with anything more than I agree with his open statement.

Now you may be asking yourself if the $34 million is what he believes he would have made on the field for the Yankees if Jeter didn’t tank him. The answer is no. His math is much crazier than that. Lassister got to $34 million by comparing himself to 2016 National League Rookie of the Year, Corey Seager and Brandon Weeden. Why Weeden? Because he was also a Yankees prospect, that went on to play in the NFL and Lassister went on to redshirt at Miami after his release. Garrison’s math is $17.468 million based on Seager’s earnings and $11.598 million of Weeden’s earnings.

However, that is only $29 million. Where is the other $5 million to get us to $36 million? Pain and suffering? Libel? What could it be? Of course, it’s $5.6 million to cover his professional basketball career that didn’t happen. What else could it be?

At the end of the day, I’m not saying this guy is crazy, because he will sue us, but you’re thinking it.

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