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DJ Comes Home

After 75 days of free agency, 32-year-old DJ LeMahieu is finalizing a deal with the New York Yankees, according to multiple sources.

Despite a long and grueling process between the 2nd baseman and the Yankees organization,  early this morning, John Morosi was the first to report that the two are finally coming to an agreement. Leave it to DJ LMHU to finalize a deal on Friday morning at 6am.

This news comes only days after DJ and his agent expressed frustration with the slow-moving free agent process.  The team seemed unwilling to budge on the 5-year $100 million contract that the infielder was reportedly eyeing, despite claims from the organization that this was their top priority.  LeMahieu, who seemed at his wits end not even a week ago, even threatened to reach out to other teams who were willing to make him an offer.

These reports had Yankee fans worried that DJ LMHU’s time with the team had come to an end, a sure blow to the team considering how well he produced.

But those fears faded over night and quickly turned into early morning celebrations.