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Luis Severino shutdown with forearm soreness

After an inauspicious start to spring training where Aaron Judge is already experiencing “crankiness” in his shoulder, the Yankees were dealt another injury blow today. Luis Severino has been shut down with forearm soreness. Jack Curry said that Severino has had a loose body in his elbow.

This is obviously tough news for the Yankees, especially after the Paxton news last week. They were counting on Severino to have a bounceback, injury free season, and loose bodies is a very tough injury to recover from.

Some pitchers can pitch with loose bodies for several seasons, while others need surgery right away to remove them. Without speculating too much, it probably depends on how big they are and how much pain they are causing. I will let Dr. Scott Reinen cover this in more detail on this week’s podcast, but if I am the Yankees, I am wrapping Gerrit Cole in bubble wrap.
All of a sudden, J.A. Happ might be our #3 starter to open the season.