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The case for the Yankees as trade deadline sellers

BRONX, N.Y. — To quote former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel, “this team is going to the playoffs.” There are too many bad teams and too many postseason spots for the New York Yankees to not qualify this season. Yet, what if I told you they should be sellers at the trade deadline?

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That’s right, think about it, how much does this season really mean to you, even if the Yankees win the World Series in this 60-game season? This season/year has essentially been a washout. Heck, we’re already floating Aaron Judge’s name out there in potential deals, so why not entertain some more?

Mind you I am not advocating a complete tear down like our neighbors in Boston but the Yankees do have some assets who are also potential rentals.


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Blasphemy! Hey, don’t look at me, I wanted the Yankees to extend his contract after last season and they have still yet to do so. Prior to landing on the IL, LeMahieu was hitting .411. He’s a hit machine, provides contact, and is solid and versatile defensively.

Perhaps a team only looking for a rental and a bat would be a nice fit and the Yankees could snag a pitcher or two. Heck, you could also “pull a Chapman” like in 2016 and re-sign him in the offseason.


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He’s also on the IL but expected to return. Next season Paxton will be 32 and he’s a Scott Boras client who will be looking for a massive long-term contract. Do you see the Yankees taking on that injury risk and big dollars? I don’t.

Maybe you get a team to take a chance on another guy who is a rental and is desperate to raise his profile into the offseason and that team catches lightning in a bottle for the postseason.


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I’m a big Tanaka fan, he’s tough as nails in the postseason. Yet, are Yankees going to commit long-term to a guy who will also be 32 next season and “emptied the tank,” at 66 pitches? Unless it’s a hometown discount, probably not. None of his outings have lasted more than five frames. A rookie can do that.

Yet another rental you can recoup prospects for from a team looking at him as a built for October acquisition.


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I know, I know, good luck unloading that contract. It might be worth removing the headache though. Perhaps you find a taker desperate for a lefty arm.


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Another tough contract to move and you’re selling low but not impossible. I only say Hicks because if you can recoup some prospects for him, you have enough outfield depth, especially with Estevan Florial ready to roll.