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What’s going on with Aaron Judge?

Back on March 6th, we learned that Aaron Judge had a stress fracture in his first right rib. This was a huge blow at the time as it meant Judge wouldn’t be ready for Opening Day on March 26th. LOL.

On March 20th, we received word that a CT scan had showed “slight healing” in the rib. A month has gone by since then, and we have only heard crickets.

I know we aren’t particularly close to baseball, but I still have questions. Has Judge had another CT scan since 3/20? If so, what did it reveal? Has he done any baseball activities recently?

If the season ends up starting sometime in late June or.July, will Judge be ready? We’ve gotten some passive updates on Aaron Hicks, James Paxton and Giancarlo Stanton, but nothing on 99.

Things are so bleak right now that even a grainy video of Judge hitting off a tee would get me fired up.

Let’s hope we get an update soon.