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Yankees commercials are back, and they’re fantastic

I’m glad the Yankees have been doing these little videos the last few years. If you are in a jam, come on down to Whiff’s Garage, where they will get you out of it!

I can’t decide what the best part of this is. The lead mechanic of course, newly signed Gerrit Cole, is the narrator of the commercial, but I would argue he is the least fun part of this. Tanaka saying “READY TO GO!” is easily the best. But also, making an appearance is James Paxton’s fantastic mustache. He looks like he works in a garage with that thing and I love it. Inject this content into my veins.

Also pictured is J.A. Happ looking like a nerdy white guy, which is probably what he is best at. Let’s hope he pitches well this season and isn’t looking for a job in an actual garage next year.

Then, at the end, who else but Ron Guidry saying “I used to own this place.” Damn right Gator. What a legend.