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Yankees Opening Day Advent: Day 9

If you don’t know what an Advent Calendar is, and I’m no expert, it’s a special Christian calendar leading up to Christmas. So leading up to Opening Day, I have put together a 25-part series of things to get excited about because baseball is almost officially back.

Huffing Bleach At The Dugout

When you think about pre-gaming before a Yankee game, old school people think of Billy’s or Stan’s. These places are iconic and have been around for forever. However, the new kid on the block that’s getting the younger audience is The Dugout.

The Dugout is known for having $4 PBR’s and having a window directly into a Taco Bell, which leads me to believe they have a toilet paper sponsorship. Another thing they’re known for is having a bar that smells like someone just cleaned a pool 100% of the time.

It’s as if they never clean the night before, and then scramble to clean in the morning, minutes before patrons arrive. Kind of like a college kid cleaning up his apartment before their parents pop in on a Saturday morning, with the same stupid logic that Clorox wipes will take care of everything.

A positive of this is that I’m pretty sure the smell is so bad that you get a little extra buzz for free. That’s something to look forward to this season.

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