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Yankees Trivia

Yankees trivia time

That’s Luis Cessa on the cover of this post. He’s the only Yankee to wear no. 85. Gary Sanchez is the only Yankee to have worn 73. Al Aceves? 91. 69 only belonged to Alan Mills. And, of course, Lou Gehrig was the only Yankee to don 4. That’s your last freebie, though, because it’s Yankees trivia time.

Try not to look up the answers, and post your results on Twitter with the hashtag #yankeestrivia.  You can see the answers by clicking on the link below the questions.

The Cycle

1. Who are the only Yankees to hit for the cycle more than one time? (1 point for each correct answer.)

2. Who was the last Yankee to hit for the cycle? (Worth 1 point.)

3. Prior to the answer to number 2, who had last hit for the cycle, nearly 15 years earlier? (Worth 1 point.)

Home Runs

4. Name the three Yankees who homered twice in one inning (1 point for each correct answer.)

5. Name the Yankees who hit 50 home runs in at least one season while a Yankee. (1 point for each correct answer.)

6. Name the players who have hit 500 or more career home runs who at one time played for the Yankees (1 point for each correct answer.)

Award Winners

7. Who is the only Yankees second baseman to win an AL MVP Award? (Worth 5 points.)

8. Yogi Berra and Thurman Munson are two of the three Yankees catchers to win the AL MVP Award. Who is the third? (Worth 2 points.)

9. Who is the only Yankees pitcher to win the AL MVP Award? (Worth 5 points.)


10. Who was the first Yankees pitcher to win the Cy Young Award (at the time there was only one award for both leagues)? (Worth 5 points.)

11. Aaron Small went 10-0 in 2005. Who is the only other Yankees pitcher to go unbeaten in a season with at least 10 wins?  (Worth 5 points.)

12. Saves became an official stat in 1969. Which pitcher recorded the first Yankees save? (Worth 10 points.)

Bonus Question

Name the players who played for the Yankees and, at one time in their career, hit 50 home runs while on another team. (2 points for each correct answer.)


Click here to find out the answers to the Yankees trivia quiz.