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Anyone else miss stadium food?

Did you know that I lost 25 pounds in the offseason so that I could slam food at Yankee Stadium all summer? Well I did. I’m talking no carbs, gains, dairy, sugar, or booze, for stretches of time, just so I could go nuts filming Stadium Eats.

Well I’ve had enough of missing Yankee Stadium and I’m going to attempt to just make the food at home. Last week I decided to stream myself cooking steaks for the first time ever (Yes, I never made a steak before), along with some Tuna Tartare. I had fun doing it and had a few friends join for the adventure.

Tonight on Bronx Pinstripes Twitter and Facebook, I’ll be streaming my attempt at making my favorite food from Yankee Stadium, the Burrata Burger.

I’ll have Andrew joining me and we will try to respond to comments, so grab a drink and let’s have a Happy Hour, while I probably burn my house down.

Here is how it’s supposed to be made.