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BOSTON - OCTOBER 13: David Dellucci #11of the New York Yankees rounds third on his way to scoring on a single hit by teammate Derek Jeter #2, tying the game in Game 4 of the 2003 American League Championship Series against the Boston Red Sox October 13, 2003 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Where r u now…David Dellucci?

We’re ringin’ in 2016 here at Bronx Pinstripes & with that we will see a new series of stories…it is my pleasure to introduce the “Where. Are. You. Nowwww?” segment (playing Biebes’ song & wearing your old Majestic shirsey while reading these is highly encouraged) of stories for the offseason to keep us somewhat occupied. I’d love to explore as many of the past Yankees that were “one season wonders” or the forgotten ones whom we loved in the ‘90s and ‘00s. We’re going to play a little game of catch up.

There won’t be any attention to the big name guys this time…the Jeters, the Bernies, or the O’Neills. This will be focused more on the “no-name” random players who stopped for a stint in the Bronx. Where are they now? Still playing baseball or what are they up to with retirement?

To kick off this series, I thought who better than the OF Italian Stallion himself…David Dellucci. Just another one of those guys who wore No. “11” with the Yanks, whom I absolutely adored. So, he was originally drafted in the 10th round by Baltimore in ’97’s First-Year Player Draft.

Yes, he was on that damn Diamondback team that beat us in that dreaded 2001 Series. Just before the deadline of 2003 season, Arizona Diamondback (a team we loathed entirely in the early 2000s, pssh) Dellucci was traded to the Yankees, along with pitcher Bret Prinz and catcher John Sprowl, in exchange for big dude Raul Mondesi (he’s begging for a story too) and some $$.

The Yanks went on to win the American League Championship (v. the Sawks) in Game 7 with Boonie’s most memorable moonshot, like they naturally did so often back then, to advance to the World Series against Josh Beckett and the wild card Florida Marlins. It was NY’s sixth World Series appearance in eight years! Ahhh, what I’d give to go back to those times! I know, we lost in 6, despite outscoring them in the series. 13 years later, I’m still dumbfounded as to how we lost it.

We don’t need to touch on Dellucci’s numbers, as his year in the Bronx was one of his worst at the plate. We still loved him for his versatility and flawless defense in the outfield and his clutch pinch running on the paths. His career numbers were decent: .256 BA with 101 HRs & 398 RBIs. After his sole year in pinstripes, he went on to play for the Rangers, Phillies, Indians, and Blue Jays, and after some aggravation with his final contract forcing him to play at the Triple-A level and being designated for assignment due to “poor play”…he retired in 2009.

During his retirement, he is very involved in his charity work and, like many other ex-ballplayers, he has served as a baseball analyst and color commentator. He even made an appearance in Cooperstown in May ’15 as a player in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Classic.

Dellucci (yellow circle), Soriano (red heart) & Abreu (green circle) played together in the '15 HOF Classic game.
Dellucci (yellow circle), Soriano (red heart) & Abreu (green circle) played together in the ’15 HOF Classic game (photo cred: Milo Stewart Baseball Hall of Fame).

My favorite fun fact about Dellucci is he is married to the blonde bombshell and ‘Price is Right’ model, Rachel Reynolds! In May 2009, live on an episode of PIR, Drew Carey announced the couples engagement, then in March 2010, Carey announced the couple had married and on a live episode a month later, the couple modeled a tuxedo and wedding gown as an “Item up for Bids.” Then in February 2013, the couple welcomed their first child, Ruby Rae.

Here is the Dellucci fam Christmas card…quite the attractive and adorable clan they are:

A Very Merry Dellucci Christmas card
A Very Merry Dellucci Christmas card

So please, tweet me @SueBanger with requests for players you would like me to touch on this series. 😉