ARod’s Back! Counting Down 5 Classic ARod Moments

In honor of Alex Rodriguez’s suspension being officially over after the completion of the World Series last night, here’s my top 5 favorite ARod moments during his time in pinstripes: 5 - Cameron Diaz feeds ARod popcorn at the Super Bowl Remember when Cameron Diaz and ARod dated? Alex was on a string of random celebrity girlfriends […]


Jeter Owns New York

The World Series starts tonight featuring the Giants, a National League mainstay, and the Royals, an American League team had not been to the playoffs since they won the World Series in 1985. For years the Yankees were mainstays in the Fall Classic, and Jeter was at the center of many big moments.   #51567475 […]

Boone hits game winning home run

This day in Yankees history | 2003

There’s a flyball deep to left! IT’S ON ITS WAY, THERE IT GOES! AND THE YANKEES ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES. AARON BOONE HAS HIT A HOME RUN! The curse was alive and well. Old Yankee Stadium was rocking. Aaron Boone circled the bases and jumped onto home plate. The Boston Red Sox and […]

Time to Cash Out

The Yankees have given Brian Cashman a three year extension and this has caused a rift in Yankees fans. People either love Cash and call him a genius or absolutely despise him, there’s no middle ground. Since Cash has been with the team, they have won 7 AL pennants and 5 world series. Now I am […]


Derek Jeter’s farewell to old Yankee Stadium

The last night in Yankee Stadium and a memorable speech by The Captain.

Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees - Game Three

This day in Yankees history | 2012

Although they were down 2-1 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning, it felt like it was 10-1. The 50,497 in attendance had been quiet all night. There was no emotion. No fight. No heart. And then Raul Ibanez stepped up to the plate. Alex Rodriguez, who was supposed to hit second in the […]


Jeter Gets Help From A Kid

Last week for the start of the Division Series, I remembered The Flip – perhaps Jeter’s career-defining play. But what happened during game 1 of the 1996 ALCS put him on the map for the rest of the baseball world. 1996 was – for lack of a better term – a magical season for Jeter and […]

Jeter has 96 hits in 66 career Division Series games.

Remembering ‘The Flip’

The Wild Card playoff games and Division Series kicking off this week got me jazzed up and craving Yankees October baseball. To supplement, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and remember some of Jeter’s greatest postseason moments. As we all know, the Yankees are not in the playoffs for a second straight […]


A-Rod praises Derek Jeter’s career from afar

Now that Derek Jeter‘s career is over, everyone has chimed in on the Captain’s illustrious career over the last few weeks. That includes Alex Rodriguez, who spoke with ESPN the Magazine’s J.R. Moehringer about Jeter as a player, and how he felt about watching the magical final home game from his Miami headquarters. Prior to […]

Player's tribune_o

Derek Jeter starts a blog

Derek Jeter is not wasting any time with some of his post career endeavors. He’s been making his rounds on TV, doing some candid interviews and showing a side of him we are not used to seeing. It doesn’t stop there. This morning on his Facebook page, Jeter announced he was starting a blog called […]

'96 Yanks World Series Champs

October Playoff Moments: When Old Yankee Stadium Rocked!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s October and the New York Yankees are nowhere to be found. Fear not, I have the perfect elixir for the lack of postseason noise emanating from the Bronx, this postseason. Although Yankee Stadium II turned out the lights for good after the 2008 season, I reflect and list my top […]

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Yankees game 162: Pineda finishes strong in Jeter’s final finale

Derek Jeter goes 1 for 2 in the final game of his career.

jeter in fenway

Derek Jeter takes in Fenway his way (Photos)

There have been a few firsts and lasts for Derek Jeter on his farewell journey, including this candid look at the Captain taking a casual stroll through Fenway Park after yesterday’s loss to the Red Sox. I’m pretty sure this might be one thing he has never done before. Jeter is seen here walking the hallowed […]

Preview: Derek Jeter’s Curtain Call (9/28/14)

The legend comes to an end and Michael Pineda (4-5, 1.93 ERA) and Clay Buchholz (8-10, 5.31 ERA) get a front row seat. Pineda has come a long way since the pine tar incident against the Red Sox earlier in the year. His last time out he threw 7 1/3 scoreless innings holding the Orioles […]

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

One last captain curtain call

I feel bad for the poor bastards that just couldn’t hold it anymore. Thursday night, there had to be people that were at the stadium but in the bathroom when one of the unequivocally best things that has happened in the new Yankee Stadium took place. At the urinal or in the stall, perhaps washing […]

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Yankees game 161: Red Sox rough up Tanaka, Yankees

Yankees get roughed up in an eight-run second inning as the season approaches the end.

Preview: Yankees at Red Sox (9/27/14)

Masahiro Tanaka (13-4, 2.47 ERA) makes his second start off the DL in the second to last game of the year against Joe Kelly (3-2, 4.00 ERA). Tanaka made his first start since July 8th and gave up just one run to the Blue Jays over 5 1/3 innings. Joe Girardi says he will be limited to […]

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Yankees game 16): Yankees open final series with win

Chris Capuano went 6.2 in his final start of the season, allowing one unearned run, in victory.

Preview: Yankees at Red Sox (9/26/14)

Oh yeah, there’s three more games to go. No last night wasn’t the end of the season as much as some of us would like to think it was. Chris Capuano (1-3, 4.73 ERA) makes his last start of the year against his former team. He will take on Steven Wright (0-0, 3.38 ERA) in […]

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

Yankees game 159: Jeter bids farewell in walk-off fashion

Derek Jeter brought in the first run, scored the second run, and would eventually hit the walk-off single to walk off the field a winner, in his final Yankee Stadium game.