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A love letter to our Yankees

Dear our beloved Yankees,

We hope this finds you well out there in the foreign world. It’s been two days since your last baseball game. Two dark days. We just watched an incredible home stand that posted a 9-1 record. We watched a .5 game lead in the division turn into a 6.5 game lead and a choke hold on first place. Aaron Judge graced our presence. Murderers’ Row aligned. A home run record was broken. We saw Giancarlo Stanton, briefly. It was magical. It was dreamy. It was near perfect.

What a romantic week it was that we didn’t want to see end. Sadly, though, duty called. Any relationship is hard when one travels for work, and you’re traveling far, far away. So far it required two off days in a row. Two days without ball. Two days of misery and waiting. And only two games within a five day period.

Why, MLB, why?!

Alas, you seem happy, though. Happy to travel to a cool, new place. Happy to rep your cool, new Nike tracksuits. (Are they for sale? Can you find out? Thanks.) We saw fun photos and videos of your travels and goofy guys like our old friend Nick Swisher, showing his usual ridiculous self, and it made us chuckle, seeing you so happy. We’re sure you’re having such a good time, and we’re so glad you’ve had some time off to rest. It’s well deserved. You’ve earned it.

But… we miss you now. We long for you now. It’s time for baseball now. Two days off is long enough, and we haven’t yet dealt with the All-Star break. Forgive our emotions, but this is hard! We search Twitter for photos and videos, Instagram for posts; anything to see your smiling faces and cool 90’s sunglasses, just to catch a glimpse of our guys as we stare at the clock in waiting.

Our hearts are aching for Yankees baseball and it’s going to happen oh so soon. And it’s going to happen against our arch-enemy. If all goes well, our hearts may just explode with pride and joy for you.

The Red Sox are up next, and we hope this fun trip doesn’t take your focus away from putting them out of their misery.ย They have hurt us too much in the past to not take this seriously. To show them anything but a miserable trip to London would be a fail. They must leave there begging to come home. They must leave there a whopping 11 games back in the division. We know you can do this. We believe in you. We trust in you. We are counting on you.

Finish them.

London marks the halfway point of the season. To say we’re pleased thus far is an understatement. You have shown us grit, persistence, and perseverance. You have been knocked down so many times and have continued to get up. You’ve missed every all star under the sun and have overcome. You’ve been strong, calm, and focused. And you have a new star in The Machine, DJ LeMahieu, who’s quietly and efficiently swooned us, having us dream of his future MVP honors. We love him extra extra.

The first half was filled with uncertainty, injury, and setbacks. We had moments of fear; fear for the next guy up. Who would get injured next? How can we protect our guys? Who is going to step up? But gosh darnett you did it. You came through. Unlikely heroes stepped in and did the job:ย Cameron Maybin, Gio Urshela, Clint Frazier, Mike Tauchman, Domingo German. They are a part of us now — lock-ins as Old Timers’ Day favorites, fondly remembered for their part in being the glue that held the 2019 Yankees together, and hopefully for some of them, the future of this team.

It’s time to end the first half of the season with a bang. The band is back together again, and London can be the start of a second half set for the ages. The “best of” album, the type of show that will have us begging for an encore.

The walls of the London stadium are calling your name. It begs to be conquered. It begs to be bludgeoned. It invites your bats to mash baseballs over and over and over again. All you have to do is swing.

Earn this.

We are so excited to see you again, and we wait patiently for your arrival home to the states. Until then, we will watch you from afar with pride and admiration.

You have swept us off our feet, dear Yankees. Now sweep London off theirs…

And sweep the Sox.

Boston Red Sox are falling down,
Falling down, falling down,
Boston Red Sox are falling down,
My fair Lady.

Eternally Yours,

Yankee Fans