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The Bartolo Experiment

We laughed at Cashman when he brought in the Fat Toad v.2 after he couldnt land the almighty Cliff Lee.  We laughed when we heard that Bartolo had reportedly lost 30 lbs and was going to come into camp as a finely tuned athlete.  We laughed again when we actually saw Bartolo, as the plump, happy to be there guy that he was….. Well…times, they have a changed!

We aren’t laughing now, well, at least not AT him – we’re laughing with him at all the other idiots who passed up this beautiful right handed monster that graces the mound at Yankee Stadium – devastating opponents with his above average fast ball, his rejuvenated 2 seamer that is taking the effect of a Mariano cutter, and what might be most impressive, his ability to pitch in different situations as they come up.   The Bartolo experiment has not only been the most important victory that the Yankees have had this year, but it is one that is allowing the Yankees to breathe every 3rd day again.  When Hughes struggled out of the gate (really since spring training) – Bartolo Colon has stepped up, whether its coming in for the relief of Hughes, or stepping in to make his starts – he has been over the top good.

The next phase of this experiment will be to see how long this can last – Last night Bartolo was into the 7th inning  w/o throwing 90 pitches – so this workhorse of early years may be in for one more run.  Will this be a run that ends by the AS break?  Enough time for the Yankees to asses and find a second half arm at the trade deadline? or will it continue into the late summer?

Right now, in the present – this has been the story of the year for the Yankees – I hope the fairytale comeback and overcoming massive girth continues – cause I’m really enjoying watching him pitch and seeing opposing batters take that 3rd called strike  . . .  2-seamer across the black.

Gregory Scott