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BP Fantasy Top 10: outfield

Playing fantasy baseball this season? Well you’re in luck because here are the Top Ten Outfielders in 2016 that will be the best of the best.

  1. Mike Trout, LAA: The cream of the crop always rises to the top. Trout is hands down the best player in all of baseball. The stats across the board are staggering and even when he puts up some of his best career numbers, people expect more- that’s just how good he has become. If you have the top pick in your draft, it’s hard not to pick Trout and reap the benefits. The outfield position is stacked this season as you will see as we go down this list.
  1. Bryce Harper, Was: The reigning National League MVP is just starting to reach his prime. That is a scary thing to think about. Blasting 42 homers in 2015, he wasn’t able to reach the 100 RBI mark, which is mind boggling to think about. It says more about his teammates than it does Harper, which is why he cannot be ranked number one just yet. I had second pick in a draft and was very happy hitting the button to put Harper on my team and wish I could have him on all my teams. Don’t be a clown, draft Harper if you can.
  1. Andrew McCutchen, Pit: Last season injuries got in the way of another big year for Cutch. If it hadn’t been for some early struggles and some untimely nagging injuries, he would have been in the MVP conversation once again. There isn’t anything in his game that you can’t help but liking. He is an extremely versatile player that will hit for power, average and will steal you bases. As the excitement for Harper and even Stanton rise, owners are forgetting just how good McCutchen is. Don’t be one of them. Always remember.

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