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Yankees outfield prospect Josh Stowers joins The Bronx Pinstripes Show

Josh Stowers was traded to the Yankees about two weeks ago, but it didn’t take long for him to join The Bronx Pinstripes Show.

On another special Tuesday edition, the newly-acquired Yankees outfield prospect talked to Scott Reinen about the trade, his Chicago roots, and much more.

Stowers was a part of the three-team trade that sent Sonny Gray to the Cincinnati Reds. In addition to sending Gray to the Reds, the Yankees also sent second baseman Shed Long to the Mariners in exchange for Stowers.

Stowers was selected by the Mariners with the 54th pick in the 2018 MLB Draft after a successful college career with Louisville. He was named 1st Team All-ACC after his final season, a season in which he led the conference in stolen bases while ranking 2nd in OBP, T-5th in RBI, and 8th in batting average. He also ranked top five in all of Division I baseball in stolen bases and runs.

On the show, Stowers talked about his own scouting report, and highlighted that stealing ability as one of his strengths.

“I’m pretty good at stealing bases, and that’s pretty much why I walk a lot… I kind of use the stealing bases neck that I have to help out the hitter because you know [my] scouting report is about steals, so it usually gives the hitter a good pitch to hit. So even if I don’t steal the base, they’ll get a pretty good fastball that’s gonna be around the zone and I can go from first to third or first to home depending on where it’s hit.”

Stowers also discussed his preparation at the plate and what goes into account before he faces a pitcher.

Stowers acknowledged that there is value to analytics and that they matter to an extent, but he doesn’t want to overload himself with information while he’s at the plate. However, he emphasized the importance of watching his mechanics, mentioning that he always brings a tripod to video himself so he knows the difference between “a good hitting day and a bad hitting day.”

On the episode, Stowers also talked about:

  • His reactions and thoughts after being traded to the Yankees
  • His childhood in Chicago and what other sports he played
  • Whether he’s a dog or cat guy (as we know, this can say a lot about a person)
  • His takeaways from his first year of pro ball

Make sure to listen to the full interview to hear him talk about all of this and more!