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Alex Cora back as Red Sox manager

In the most important news you’ll hear today, Alex Cora is back as manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Clearly, this was the Sox’ plan for the last year. They parted ways with Cora after the Astros’ cheating scandal came to light. Cora was the bench coach in Houston in 2017 before being named the Red Sox’ manager in 2018. Both teams won World Series, and both were later investigated by MLB for sign stealing. Boston named Ron Roenicke the interim manager for 2020, leaving the door wide open for Cora’s return in the future.

People are already outraged that someone directly involved in two sign stealing scandals is back in baseball just one year later. But honestly, I’m happy to see Cora back. Not because I like him, but because I absolutely hate him.

I want to see the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry get back to being the best in sports. For that to happen, there needs to be some serious animosity between these teams. I need to see the Yankees get some revenge on a guy who said this at his championship parade:

So as much as I hate Alex Cora, him being back is good for baseball, and great for the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry. Let’s just hope that this time, it’s the Yankees telling him to suck on it during a parade down the Canyon of Heroes.