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The 2019 schedule released with earliest Opening Day ever and some huge games

It’s the time of the year when Major League Baseball releases the 2019 schedule, and so now we have to know what the upcoming New York Yankees schedule looks like. I know, I know, let’s get through this season first, and then worry about the next one. But hey, it’s my job to relay this information. Here are some of the highlights.

Home Opener

The Yanks open the season on March 28th (one day earlier than this season and earliest Opening Day ever), hosting the Baltimore Orioles. Could the game get snowed out for the third time in four years? Let’s hope not, but it is an early start, and New York winters can be unforgiving.

Yankees Visit Dodger Stadium

Get your popcorn ready! The two most prominent franchises in all of baseball will collide on the weekend of August 23rd-25th. The last time the two teams met was Sept. 12-14th of 2016, and the Dodgers took two out of three in Yankee Stadium.

Yankees/Red Sox Head to London

If you’re the MLB and you want to showcase your product to a different country, wouldn’t you bring your best product? Of course you would. Thus, the Yankees and Red Sox are taking the best rivalry in baseball (or all of the sports, depends on who you ask) to London. They will play a two-game series on June 29th and 30th with Boston being the home team.

Yanks Head West

As mentioned before, the Yankees are playing the Dodgers this season, so it means they are playing the National League West. They will also play the San Francisco Giants at the beginning of the year, April 26th-28th; the San Diego Padres: May 27th-29th; and the Colorado Rockies: June 19th-June 21st. The Yanks also get to play the Diamondbacks, April 30th-May 1st, and July 30th and 31st.

Subway Series

The Yanks and Mets will play two two-game series in 2019. The Mets head to Yankee Stadium on Monday, June 10th, and Tuesday, June 11th. The Yankees head to Citi Field on Tuesday, July 2nd and Wednesday, July 3rd, a great addition to the Fourth of July festivities.

Take a look at the Yankees full 2019 schedule here.