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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 22: Anne Wojcicki attends the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 22, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

A-Rod’s new leading lady, Anne Wojcicki

The time has come. A-Rod has matured to Mr. Rodriguez, Alexander, in more ways than one. Love is in bloom for our 40-year-old designated hitter. He has reportedly been dating Anne Wojcicki, the 42-year-old, billionaire ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin. You mean to tell me there is someone on this planet with more money than Alex Rodriguez? 😮

Wojcicki and her beau have been seeing each other for a little over a month and were arm-in-arm at the Vanity Fair pre-Super Bowl party in San Fran & more recently at Bern’s Steak House in Tampa. Damn, who picks up the tab, I wonder? They must tip well.

Maybe he’s finally hit that pivotal time in his career and life where he’s leaning toward settling down, again. Especially, since he today reaffirmed that he will retire after the 2017 season when his contract expires. Both have two children from their previous marriages. And, I gotta say, Arod seems like quite the charming, loving, father of the year, according to his social media posts about his daughters.

He finds his new girl to be interesting, inspirational and very smart. The Yale alumna Wojcicki, is a biologist and CEO of her co-founded personal genomics and biotechnology company, 23andMe. She juggles that with overseeing several other enterprises, including a farm-to-table café in Cali called “Bumble.” She also is no stranger to sports, as she played on the Bulldogs varsity ice hockey team, while at Yale.

Since his divorce in 2008, number 13, was often caught out canoodling with Hollywood’s elite, coining him as a player when referring to his social life, not just his job title following “baseball.” Perhaps we’ve seen the last of his frat boy days. The endless parties, casual sex, and wildly bad decisions are in his rearview. His past dating resume consisted of a turnstile of petite blonde athletic type actresses (Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Torrie Wilson & God knows how many others in between) and of course the notorious Madonna affair.

I’ll never forget, being at the stadium before a game in, I think it was like 2005. We were watching him play long toss, and do those short sprint-jog warm ups, when he came over to us fans on the first base line, to within 3 feet of me. I couldn’t help but notice his hair up close, as I said to my girlfriend, “My God! A-rod frosts his tips! What a tool! A gorgeously tan tool…but still a tool nonetheless.”

Pre-game warm up Arod pic took on my old phone
Pre-game warm up Arod pic took on my old phone

I’ll say the same thing about his new relationship as I recall saying when he came back so hot last season…Now, he means business. He’s developed a finer, more intelligent, and definitely richer palate for his love interest. Sure she most certainly does not fit his beach blonde, tone armed, already-a-star, cookie cutter usual type of his ghosts of girlfriends’ past.

Wojcicki’s brains, plain-Jane looks, and non-household name is, I must say, rather refreshing. Because I think with all of his other celebrity flings, it was confusing who the trophy was: the girl or Alex? I don’t think he wants or needs to have a trophy wife. He wants to be the trophy. I think his ego, like his appendages, has inflated but he does seem more humble and real now.

People will either love or hate him. He’s like the Donald Trump of the baseball world. All I know is, I have never, in any sport, in my lifetime, ever seen a player bounce back after scandal and a cold turkey year off, come back and perform as well as he did. I’m hoping his focus will remain at the plate and this woman couldn’t do anything but help his numbers, right? Maybe serve in part as his Annie Savoy.

This guy’s got 97 intentional walks in his storied career, idk if this chick is the next one he’ll walk (down the aisle) with but it’ll be fun to watch the relationship transpire and be publicized. Someone, please calculate about what this relationship’s total (combined) net worth would be…yowza!