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Yankees release 2018 promotional schedule

The Yankees have released their promotional schedule for the upcoming season. Here are a few notable games, the opponent, and where you need to be in line to snag the giveaway.


April 23 vs. Twins – David Wells. First 18,000 guests.
May 4 vs. Indians – Star Wars Night Aaron Judge Jedi. First 40,000 guests.
June 14 vs. Rays – Ron Guidry. First 18,000 guests.
July 27 vs. Royals – CC Sabathia. First 18,000 guests.
August 31 vs. Tigers – Brett Gardner. First 18,000 guests.

Opening Day vs. Rays – Magnetic Schedule. All guests.

April 8 vs. Orioles – Yankees Calendar. First 40,000 guests.

May 12 vs. A’s – Didi Gregorius Bat. First 10,000 guests 14 and younger.

June 17 vs. Rays – Old-Timers’ Day.

July 29 vs. Royals – Yankees Collectible Truck, 14th in the series. First 18,000 guests 14 and younger.

August 10 vs. Rangers – Collectible Cup. First 25,000 guests.

August 15 vs. Rays – Cap Day. First 18,000 guests.

If you can only make it to one game this year, August 18 against the Blue Jays is the one you won’t want to miss. Before the 1:05 PM game, the Yankees will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1998 Championship team. Stay tuned for details and who to expect.

For a complete list of the giveaways and special ticket offers, be sure to visit the Yankees website.