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CC Sabathia is recruiting Gerrit Cole

Ten years ago, many people thought CC Sabathia was going to sign with a West Coast team so he could be closer to his native Oakland.

Ten years ago, the New York Yankees backed up the Brinks truck and CC Sabathia came to The Bronx.

CC won a World Series and built a life in the New York area, but now he has moved on to the next phase in his career: recruiting for the Yankees.

I could go on for hours about the value in the long term about being a Yankee and winning a World Series here, but Cole is a Boras guy. We know that at the end of the day, as a Scott Boras client, Gerrit Cole is going to go with the team that give him the most money. You know it, I know it and CC Sabathia knows it as well.

“You offer that motherfucker enough money, he’s gonna want to come here!” – CC Sabathia

The truest words ever spoken. Now let’s go get him and not let our nightmare become a reality.