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Bronxie the turtle is this city’s backbone

The New York Yankees beat the Blue Jays on Tuesday night en route to their seventh straight victory. Giancarlo Stanton went deep for the fourth night in a row to seal the W. Some people might say Stanton has been the key to this winning streak. While he’s been a huge part of it, there’s someone who has played a larger role than Big G: Bronxie.

This story is so perfectly on-brand. Nestor Cortes spearheading the operation to adopt a lovable locker room pet. DJ LeMahieu staring at it like the machine he is. The best part? Bronxie came into the picture before the Rangers series, meaning the Bombers have yet to lose a game with him. I didn’t even know Bronxie existed before this morning, but I would do just about anything for this little guy.

Canada tried their best to stifle the Yankees’ momentum by not allowing Bronxie through customs. The nerve of them to try and do that? Thankfully, the Yanks’ new mascot was with them in spirit last night as they kept the winning streak going.

All jokes aside, it’s beyond awesome to see the team playing well on the field & having some fun in the locker room during this stretch run. Seven straight wins and gained a game on both the Jays & Sox last night. Five games left, Cole on the mound tonight. Let’s go Yanks & let’s go Bronxie!