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HBO announces CC Sabathia documentary

What an awesome early Christmas gift for us Yankee fans. HBO announced today that they’ll be airing a documentary about CC Sabathia on Dec. 22. The doc will feature behind-the-scenes footage from CC’s final season in 2019. CC narrates the film himself, detailing his entire journey from childhood in California through his historic Major League Baseball career.

His Yankee career

Sabathia signed a 7-year, $161 million contract prior to the 2009 season, the highest for a pitcher at the time, and delivered immediately. In his first year in Pinstripes, Sabathia won 19 games and the ALCS MVP, helping the Yankees to their 27th world championship.

The lefty continued to dominate through 2012, but fell on hard times in 2013. His next three seasons were filled with inconsistent performances and injury. In 2015, as the Yankees were preparing to play in the Wild Card Game, Sabathia checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to give viewers an inside look into my career and to share my unfiltered story,” CC said in a release about the film. “I struggled for a long time with alcohol addiction and anxiety, which I pretty much hid from everyone I knew. It’s my hope we can inspire athletes and non-athletes alike to open up and let their friends, family and teammates know that there is a path through this. You are not alone.”

After coming out of rehab, not only did CC beat his addiction, he re-invented himself and once again became a productive pitcher for the Yankees. Sabathia posted sub-four ERA’s from 2016-2018, and was a vital part of the team’s 2017 postseason run.

CC Sabathia Belongs in the Hall of Fame - Views from 314 Ft.

His Legacy

CC finished his career with 251 wins, six All-Star appearances, and the 2007 Cy Young award. His 3,093 strikeouts are third most for a left-handed pitcher in history. In my mind, he’s a no-doubt first ballot Hall of Famer.

This documentary is going to be must-watch material. If you’re a Yankee fan and you didn’t love CC, figure it out.