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How did we do with our free agent predictions?

We’re on mile 26. Warm weather, palm trees, and most importantly baseball is right around the corner. Less than two weeks to go! And while there were still top free agents lingering around at this time last year, that is not the case this offseason with the top free agents having found homes. 

Back in November, I asked other members of the Bronx Pinstripes team to give their predictions on where the top 14 free agents would end up. It is safe to say that we were not very successful with our predictions. Of course, this type of exercise usually isn’t very fruitful, but it is still fun none the less.

So here are the results of our predictions:

Congratulations to Rohan who got the most right with three! Three out of fourteen equates to a .214 batting average. As a group, we were 15/140 (.107). If you take away Gerrit Cole (since most of us predicted him to the Yankees, most definitely wishing it into existence), we were 9/130 (.069). Sure that may seem bad, but who uses batting average nowadays? I’m sure if you took a deep dive into the more advanced metrics, we would have done pretty well. For example, our PAR (predictions above replacement) could put us at an all-star level. 

So now we get to shift our focus back to actual baseball — pitchers and catchers report in 13 days!