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Amidst the cheating scandals of the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox, two of the biggest rivals for the Yankees, rumblings and rumors began to surface about the Yankees cheating, as well.

Sure, many of these rumblings came from sad, jealous fans who won’t admit their teams are, quite literally, trash, but some came from the organizations themselves. And although they both don’t have much credibility anymore, MLB is on high alert for any allegations regarding cheating, regardless of who is reporting the allegations.

However, any allegations against the New York Yankees have come to a crushing end for all the haters out there.

Andy Martino, who covers the Yankees and Mets for SNY, reported on Wednesday in tweets that the Yankees were cleared by Major League Baseball.

So fans, rest assured. You can sit back, relax, and wear that non asterisk Yankee hat proud, and continue to troll the Astros and Red Sox, knowing the only folks touching trash cans at Yankee Stadium are the incredibly hard working custodians, and possibly some crazy NY pigeons.

Also, check out this sneak peak of these new, MLB mandated uniforms custodians will wear across the MLB next year: