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The voices of Yankees baseball reunite

Every Yankee fan has an opinion on who the real voice of Yankees baseball is. Some say it’s the great John Sterling, the play by play radio announcer who called 5,060 consecutive games starting in 1989. Others say its Michael Kay, YES’s play by play guy since 2002.  Either way, fans will be excited to know that the two are reuniting on YES Network for two spring training games in March.

Kay made the announcement today on his ESPN talk show and quickly followed it up with an excited tweet (note: Kay later clarified he meant March).

This isn’t the first time Kay and Sterling have worked together, of course. Michael started is career in 1992 on WABC radio with Sterling as his partner. In 1998, the two also had a nightly sports talk radio show called Sports talk with John Sterling and Michael Kay. Michael and John worked together in harmony on the radio until the end of the 2001 season when Kay left for the newly formed YES Network.

After a 20 year drought, Yankees fan can finally watch and listen to the two call a game together again.

The biggest question to come from all this: Who does the play the play?