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Tyler Wade deserves respect right now

If you’ve seen my tweets at all, you probably know I have a long history of hating on Tyler Wade.

We could sit here all day listing my Wade hate tweets. I hated having him on the roster. Yes, he’s always been versatile defensively, fast, and handsome. But he couldn’t hit a lick. Well, I have to eat some serious crow, because Tyler Wade has actually been extremely good of late.

In the month of August, Wade is 15-34 with a 1.084 (!!!!) OPS, 9 runs scored, and 3 RBI. Sure, it’s a 16-game sample size. I’m not saying the guy’s gonna be the second coming of A-Rod.

But regardless, I’ve been waiting forever to see SOMETHING offensively from this guy. He’s a bench piece, I don’t expect him to light it up. Let’s look at his OPS+ by month. If you’re unaware, OPS+ compared your OPS to the league average. 100 is average, 90 is 10% below average, 110 10% above, etc.

May: 60

June: 20

July: 25

August: 200

This isn’t sustainable, but he deserves the props. Wade hasn’t just been serviceable, he’s legitimately killing it.

Expect Wade to continue to see a lot of action, not only as a utility infielder, but in the outfield as well. Fingers crossed he can continue to contribute in a big way.

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