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BP Fantasy Top 10: catchers

Playing fantasy baseball this season? Well you’re in luck because here are the Top Ten Catchers to set the tone for your offense in 2016.

  1. Buster Posey, SF: The PoseyMan reigns supreme at the backstop position for yet another season. Posey is easily the best all-around catcher in the game both offensively and managing the game behind the plate. For our interests in fantasy, we’re interest in his near 20 home runs, 75 runs and 90 RBI stat line. With these numbers, Posey will comfortably be the top catcher in 2016, even playing some games at first base. Having those games at first base will save the toll on his body and allow him to keep a clean bill of health (we hope).
  2. Kyle Schwarber, ChC: Another young, exciting offensive player to come up through the Cubs system lands at number two in our rankings in his first full season. The former Hoosier’s power is impressive as he launches home runs further and higher than many we’ve seen before. Schwarber hit a home run once every 14.5 at bats. If he comes close to that percentage, he could see a 30-homer season. If that’s his ceiling, I want to be on that ride. If you miss out on Posey or Schwarber, the drop off in production behind the plate takes a huge dip.
  3. Jonathan Lucroy, Mil: Injuries derailed Lucroy’s 2015 season and ultimately his production. Only playing in 100 games, he saw his number drop just about 50 percent in all major categories. (Hits- 176 to 98. HR- 13 to 7. Runs- 73 to 51. RBI- 69-43. Average- .301 to .264). Not convinced this is a trend, but there is cause for concern as he was never fully able to show the form of the 2014 All-Star everyone thought was ready to break out. If health is on his side, Lucroy should see increases in all his statistics, just due to the fact of staying on the field.

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