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Game 90: Too Much Morrow

The Yankees struggled to figure out the hard-throwing righty, Brandon Morrow. His sharp-breaking slider and up and in fastball tied up the lefties in the Yankees lineup.

The starting pitcher for the Yankees did not do well but lasted longer. Freddy Garcia could not get a quality start tonight as he went 5 innings surrendering 6 runs (5 earned).

The Yankees only managed 4 hits and 1 run on the single by Eduardo Nunez. Errors and ineffective hitting with runners in scoring position continues to play a big role in these 2 losses following the All-Star Break.

Tomorrow’s start may also be a tell-tale sign of whether the NYYUniverse has a cause for concern as Bartolo Colon & Freddy Garcia are nowhere near the talent level of All-Star CC Sabathia.

Ryan Nakada