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Instant Reaction: Bad

Gut Reaction

Sonny didn’t deserve such a rude welcome party.


Sonny Deserved Better

Pretty tough introduction for Sonny. Welcome to the team! We’re so glad you are here. We need you terribly. Now go out there and win with zero run support and terrible defense behind you!

Pretty rude of them.

Other than the errors, Sonny was everything we need him to be down the stretch. 6 innings with 2 earned runs isn’t bad. If the first inning ended after 7 pitches, like it should have, the pitch count would have been in better shape and allowed him to go at least 7 innings.


Slumps Suck

The entire team slumping at the same time sucks. Gary is getting hot. Didi has cooled but is still hitting the ball hard. Hopefully, Judge and Holliday come back from this day off and start hitting. We’re nothing without them. The offense looks pathetic right now and it falls squarely on about seven guys.

Tonight was never going to have an offensive explosion with Kluber on the mound, he’s one of the best in the AL right now. We better go off in one of these next games. For all of our sanities.