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Instant Reaction: The DL and the bench come through!

Gut Reaction

A new cast of contributors emerged, and I liked it!



That was the best game we have seen from Sonny thus far. Did pitching against a former division rival help him out? Maybe. He has seen these guys more than others over the years.

Three hits and one run through seven innings isn’t just an okay outing though. It’s more than average. It’s more than good enough. That was a great start and exactly what we need from Sonny in every start down the stretch.


Unlikely Heros

All 6 RBI’s came from guys who were on the DL last week or on our bench. 4 of the 6 runs came from bench players or guys fresh off the DL.

Chief got the start and came through huge for us. Good for him. If Hicks takes a little while to get going, it’s nice to know Ellsbury can give us some life off the bench.

Bird with two walks and a hit in his return. I know a lot of fans are hesitant to get excited about him, but screw your hesitancy! He’s going to be a huge cog in our lineup. We’re just breaking the surface. That goes for his finger guns as well.



Gardner with three hits on the day is nice as well. He had 4 the other day. Gardner is as streaky as they come, and we may have to strap ourselves in for this next hot stretch.