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Instant Reaction: Good Team Win!

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Gut Reaction

That’s a good win!

Sonny and the Pen

Sonny finally got his run support and he made it worthwhile. I’ve really enjoyed watching Sonny throw the ball. He has A+ movement and break on his pitches but he’s also a thinking man’s pitcher. The way he mixes it all up is really fun.

Should Joe have pulled him for the 7th? I don’t think so. I think we need to get as much as we can out of Severino and Sonny (within reason). That way we can save the shorter hooks for Jaime, CC and Gumby.

Kahnle came in and did his job. Betances did his. Chapman did bad, but in the end, did his job. When the bullpen is on, we are a very good team.

Timely Hitting

deGrom is far from your average MLB pitcher — he’s right up there with the best in the league. Now he doesn’t scare me nearly as much as Sale does but no that’s because Chris Sale is a monster. Getting to deGrom early was key. We had a baserunner in five consecutive innings.

In the second inning, Didi and Gary got singles. They didn’t amount to anything but factor in big with the mental mindset.

In the 3rd inning, Little Baby Toe used his magnet bat to get a base hit and Hicks brought him in with a single. Two more hits. This time with a run to go with them.

In the 4th, Chase works a walk and Mr. Boring brings him in with a home run. Jacoby is the best 4th outfielder in the league. Take his name and salary out of the equation and his skill set is perfect for a bench role.

In the 5th, we got another base hit from Toe and a walk from Judge. No runs, but again, we’re grinding, we’re making deGrom throw meaningful pitches.

In the 6th Gary homers and now we’ve got four runs off a premier pitcher.

That’s good team baseball.


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