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Instant Reaction: Kluber is really good but it feels like we beat ourselves in this one

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Gut Reaction

Small mistakes led to the entire balloon deflating.


Sevy went 6.2 IP and only allowed four hits. Unfortunately, three of those hits were solo home runs. It’s not a bad performance. On most days you’re happy with that. When you’re facing the Indians and Kluber you need more; you need to be as locked in as you can be. Solo home runs rarely do damage, but letting up three of them tonight did.


Why did Joe bring in Warren? I know it’s easy to second guess these decisions because Joe has so many options out there. A lot of the guys have had great years. But Warren is the only one that had allowed an earned run in his last two appearances. Why not Green? Why not Kahnle? They have been better of late.

This is the third straight appearance where Warren has looked flat.

Small Mistakes

In a 30 second period, we had Castro make an error on the steal attempt. Gary’s throw was there; if Starlin squeezes that ball the runner is out and inning over. Instead, he gets to third base; the next pitch Warren throws one in the dirt and Gary can’t get in front of it. It was a wild pitch but Gary needs to block that ball — needs to. All those little mistakes lead to a run scoring. A brutal sequence of events.

Let’s not linger on it. Kluber is one of the best in the league. It would have been great to snag a game with him on the mound but not many teams do. We need to win the next two though. Let’s go do that.


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