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Instant Reaction: LET’S GO BABY! LET’S GO

Gut Reaction

That was a lot of fun. A lot, a lot, a lot of fun.


Oh my God, Luis was being straight mean on the mound tonight. Mean! A bully. He bullied the Red Sox around. That 5th inning after we went up 3-0 was beyond impressive.

The only bad thing was the offense did so well we didn’t get to see Luis finish his outing.


Everyone Contributes!

I can’t even put into coherent thoughts how happy I am with the offensive performance tonight. Chase Headley has been unreal. He got the first hit off of Sale. Any other pitcher that doesn’t mean much. Chris Sale, it’s a big step. As the second batter of the game it’s a great stepping stone. Then he get’s the first run of the game by going big fly.

Matt Holliday is back. In every at-bat you can tell he is the man he was in the first half. His strength is back. His bat speed is back. two walks a home run in his first three at-bats.

Frazier gets the start because he hit a homer off Sale last time, and he proves Joe right buy putting another over the wall.

Jacoby is doing so well I’m starting to think he injured Hicks himself.

Starlin with a huge bases clearing double.

Gary lets a run in with another passed ball but goes out there and gets it right back for his team with a hustle. Good guy Gary!

I could go on and on. That was a great game. I loved it.

Here are some videos of my reactions to some of the plays. Straight giddy.