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Instant Reaction: Not How I’d Draw it Up but I’ll Take it

Gut Reaction

A win is a win is a win is a win and the Yanks have been winning a lot lately.


Going into the game it was the Yankees 6th best pitcher versus the Rays ace. That’s not the matchup you want for a rubber game. It was scary but in the 3rd inning it felt like we had it locked up.

We didn’t.

Jaime pitched well and we knocked Archer out before the 5th inning ended but the game never felt safe.

The offense did the same thing they did in the two games prior. Scored runs in 1 inning and scored zero runs in the other 8. I can’t believe we were able to take the series in that fashion.


Joe is managing aggressively. He’s not worried about feelings, or matchups as much as he usually does.

I thought taking Jaime out was 100 percent the correct move. Yeah, his pitch count is low and he’s been throwing the ball really well but Longoria is up with a chance to tie the game. If Longoria is going to beat you make sure he beats your best. Our best is a fresh Chad Green.

Taking Green out after one and a third was risky but Kahnle got it done with the help of a nice double play. Now Green returns sooner than later. It worked out so you can’t knock it.

Going to Chapman in the 8th inning was also risky and aggressive. It led to a run scoring and a leadoff walk in the 9th but ultimately worked out.

Chapman going to another gear after the lead off walk was impressive. We basically saw a human transform into a beast right in front of our eyes.

The Yankees have now won 8 of their last 11 games and 7 of their last 9 series. That’s good baseball. Sure they lose a heartbreaker once a week and things look terrible. Overall, though, they’ve been playing well and winning games.

They need to continue doing so.



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